Ecommerce SEO for the Holidays

One of Website Magazine's recommended SEO software solutions in LotusJump has unvelied some new features. And what do you know... just in time for the holidays.


Did you catch that ecommerce merchants?

Enhancements to the platform include:

- DeepLink: Matches keywords to the most relevant pages of the website using "deeplinking"
- RankTracker: Displays real-time web rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing, and trending graphs illustrating rank improvements over time.
- TeamUser: Lets paying customers add additional users to their account making it easy to assign work and track employee progress.
- SiteScan: Determines how well optimized the pages are for targeted keywords providing actionable suggestions where necessary.

"Our software is particularly valuable for ecommerce SEO because LotusJump automates the difficult and time-consuming process of SEO research. It provides actionable tasks that anyone in the company can do in their spare time. It's fast, cost-efficient and greatly expands the customer base and online presence. It's website marketing without the agency expense. We know because several agencies use our software to manage their client's websites for a lot of money..."

Did you know that by becoming a Website Magazine professional-level member you get a discount to LotusJump? That's one more reason to upgrade your Website Magazine account today.