Five Emerging SEO Platforms

There are many tools available to Web workers that can support their search engine optimization initiatives. While you're likely familiar with many of the market's leading platform vendors, there are several emerging solutions that warrant a closer look.


Website Magazine has put together a list of five services that are earning the respect of their SEO users:


My SEO Tool
Though only a few years old, My SEO Tool is already being used by thousands of Web professionals. The tool was created with the explicit purpose of simplifying the entire SEO process, from development and graphic design to marketing and sales. My SEO Tool gives users the ability to easily track the search engine rankings of all their clients by automatically performing daily rankings for every campaign. The solution also offers guided SEO tasks, meaning it will test websites and provide simple yet detailed instructions on how to improve rankings. My SEO Tool is a comprehensive platform designed for ease-of-use for those with a large client base, making it a great option for many SEO agencies.


This platform exclusively offers users SEO Link Building Tools. With a special focus on this one key aspect of search engine marketing, Ontolo is able to greatly improve link building efforts with a host of features. The platform helps users manage multiple link building campaigns and data with ease, quickly find relevant, valuable and quality link prospects by performing customized link building research on behalf of the customer, monitor and visualize competitor backlink scores over time and perform content marketing research to help brainstorm new ideas and discover previously unknown promotion outlets. Finally, Ontolo helps users find relevant competitor backlinks by topic or link type, a service no other SEO platform offers.


As one of the newest SEO platforms on this list, SearchEnabler likes to keep similar company and aims to help Internet startups and small businesses with their organic search marketing efforts. By specifically targeting smaller companies and offering affordable pricing structures, the platform is able to reach out to those businesses that are typically overlooked by most SEO platform providers. SearchEnabler intends to make SEO as easy as possible for these fledgling companies; the platform provides quick campaign setup, the ability to optimize campaigns geographically and "360 degree SEO," which includes on-page practices, localization, link analysis, site design and errors. It also comes with a user-friendly dashboard to let companies check their SEO scores and compare them with top-ranking URLs for each of their keywords.


Conductor Searchlight
Conductor's Searchlight SEO platform targets enterprise-level companies looking to improve their natural search visibility through the use of this highly scalable solution with a robust feature set. Searchlight offers businesses some of the most comprehensive natural search metrics available, as well as intelligence on competitors' SEO strategies, prioritized page optimization recommendations, real-time SEO alerts, backlink analysis, keyword discovery solutions, workflow and task management, analytics integration and much more. Needless to say, this is an incredibly rich solution that covers most of the SEO-related issues an enterprise-level business may encounter.


BruteForce EVO
This up-and-coming SEO service claims to help businesses cut through their SEO problems "like a samurai sword through a sausage." EVO Professional guarantees extremely fast runs with multi-threading ability, safety from losing projects in case of a computer or Internet dropoff while letting users pick up where they left off if that happens, speedy two-minute setup, proxy support, fast and easy loading of static accounts and a massive database of pre-made email accounts to speed up runs and add reliability. BruteForce EVO was built for power and performance, but with a keen eye on ease-of-use and customer satisfaction.