Evolving Beyond Search

The makers of Blippar, an augmented reality and visual search app, have launched Blipparsphere, its new proprietary knowledge graph technology built on the company's existing machine learning and computer vision capabilities. 


After "blipping" an object, users of the app will be now essentially be delivered a "light Web" experience featuring "relevant and related" organic results about an object, or branded content and augmented reality experiences from brands, publishers and advertisers. After their initial interaction, users are then directed toward additional topics related to their surroundings and personal interests.


"The development of Blipparsphere is a major breakthrough for visual discovery as the next evolution beyond search," said Ambarish Mitra, Blippar Co-Founder and CEO. "The combination of our knowledge graph along with computer vision technology allows us to significantly scale what we've already accomplished with augmented reality and deliver faster, more accurate recognition and deeper, tailored content around the images and objects we encounter in our daily lives."