Expanding IQ" with New SEO Analytics"

Derek Schou
by Derek Schou 01 Jul, 2014

Considering that 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine, it is no wonder why success with search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns has become such a high priority for companies.


By putting greater emphasis on SEO, companies make sure that their website is visible to consumers exploring natural/organic search results. With 11.944 billion searches at Google alone each month, the importance of visibility must be driven by a deep understanding of performance.


And marketing analytics company Rival IQ, is positioning itself to provide some support to SEO's in this regard, announcing the beta launch of a new SEO Analytics feature. The new feature enables marketers to receive reports on five areas related to SEO: search result positioning and changes, the highest traffic keywords, keywords in common with other sites, the top keywords your company doesn't own, and top keywords per company. In order to provide the data that is within their reports, Rival IQ has partnered with SEMRush.



"We have built this new analytics feature based on our work with hundreds of companies, who we help measure, analyze and understand how they are performing in social media channels both individually and against the competition or market," explained John Clark, Rival IQ founder and CEO. "Our customers have asked for a single destination for both social and SEO analytics with this comparative view, and this is what we are delivering."


Additional capabilities will be added based on customer reviews and Rival IQ's data analysis.