International Ecommerce in Focus; FiftyOne LINKs with Demandware

Expanding an ecommerce presence to serve additional countries is complicated for Internet retailers. For some U.S. merchants however, it's getting much easier. 

FiftyOne Global Ecommerce announced this week that it has become a Demandware LINK Technology Partner, joining a community that accelerates the adoption of ecommerce technologies complementary to the Demandware Commerce platform. As a LINK Technology partner, FiftyOne has created a pre-built integration making it faster and easier for online retailers to deploy FiftyOne's international ecommerce solution and extend their existing ecommerce operations to online shoppers in 103 countries and territories worldwide.

"Retailers are increasingly focused on generating awareness and growing sales outside of their domestic markets," said Michael DeSimone, CEO, FiftyOne. "The combination of the Demandware platform with FiftyOne's international ecommerce capabilities creates a powerful opportunity to accelerate global growth while offering the retailer full control over how their customer experiences their brand."