Find the Tweets You Want with the Twitter Search Engine

The really great thing about Twitter is that it is a wealth of information. With users constantly tweeting and sharing news and ideas on the site, there is certainly no shortage of content. However, one major problem with Twitter is trying to parse through all of that information to find what you're looking for.

This issue hasn't gone unnoticed, and a new widget known as Downtweet wants to make it easy to scan all of that content for something useful.

Asserting itself as a search engine for Twitter, this widget can be embedded into any blog or website, and it can be customized to better fit the look and feel of the Web page.

Downtweet works by dividing tweets into different categories, with these different streams constantly updated with new information about the topic. More importantly, however, is the inclusion of a search function that allows you to essentially create your own category where any tweets that reference the keywords you search for will show up in your stream. Users can even click on tweets to view the profile on which they were originally published.

The inclusion of Downtweet offers many opportunities for website owners and online marketers. Not only will it make tweets more visible for their targeted audience(s), those people actively searching for the content, but it also has the potential to increase the visibility of a Web page and improve user engagement.

Users can easily get the Downtweet widget and even add the service right to their websites by visiting the company's website.