First Google, Now Bing? Encrypted Search Plague Spreads

SEOs probably don't have much hair left to pull out, but if they did, that's exactly what they would probably do with an important discovery over the weekend.

Apparently, Bing is now enabling searchers to conduct queries over Bing SSL search - that's right; just like Google, they too are now supporting "encrypted search" - spreading the plague of "keyword not provided" even further. What that means is that search marketers won't be able to access the keywords that consumers users to find their site should they use the secure URL (HTTPS).

A Microsoft spokesperson told Search Engine Land that they are "evolving" the rollout of HTTPS at Bing and will keep the SEO/SEM community "top of mind" as they continue to develop their implementation. Ladies and gents, it's another dark day for the SEO community.