Flickr Makes it Easier to Store and Search Through Memories

Derek Schou
by Derek Schou 09 May, 2015

Yahoo has recently released a variety of updates for the desktop and mobile versions of its image hosting platform, Flickr.

Helping users to navigate and search through the 11 billion photos currently on Flickr, Yahoo has updated the search experience to allow users to search for images of specific items, search by holiday or date and location. To help maximize the efficiency of Flickr search, users are also able to filter images by color, size and orientation. Also, users are now able to upload up to half a million photos using Yahoo's new Uploadr for Mac and Windows as well Yahoo's new Auto-Uploadr for mobile devices.

What's more, Yahoo has introduced a new camera roll feature called Magic View which organizes users' photos automatically across 60 categories including landscapes, black and white, animals and more. Through the camera roll users are also able to share videos and photos privately, via link and email, or through popular social networks.

"At Flickr, we've always dreamed of creating a space where you can store and manage a lifetime's worth of memories," says Tim Miller, head of engineering at Flickr. "Today, we're taking that one step further as we bring users a brand new set of tools to unlock the power of 1,000 GB of space. These tools coupled with our advanced image recognition technology will give our community the power to not only access those special moments from their iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Android, or on the web, but to uncover the ones that they thought were lost forever."