Flimp Video and SEO for Flash

Marketers have long struggled with what to do with flash. While there has been some headway made on the part of search engines to better index this content, it remains (for the most part) siloed entirely.

Flimp Media has implemented an automated process in its flash landing page marketing platform that allows non-technical users to copy and paste searchable text and terms behind flash web content and videos that converts automatically into search friendly HTML. This text can be crawled by search engines, improving a Flash landing page's chances at being found through organic search.

The function automates a process called SWFObject, which many Web developers use to create searchable text behind Flash elements. Until Flimp implemented this functionality, marketers without Flash programming expertise were unable to create or embed searchable text and terms behind their flash and flash video content.

"Many larger corporations use SWFObject to boost the search ranking for a video," said Flimp CTO Richard DiBona. "With this tool, Flimp now enables all digital marketers to implement the same best-practices, whether or not they have skilled programmers on staff."