Fliqz's Video SEO Solution [Video]

Online video solution provider Fliqz today released SearchSuccess, a set of tools and applications for Video SEO. The solution is available as an add-on to Fliqz's Gold Edition and includes a custom video player, up to 1,500 uploads a month, and sharing, reposting and linking capabilities for viral growth.

"SearchSuccess addresses many of the common flaws in existing Video SEO strategies," said Benjamin Wayne, CEO of Fliqz. "Many publishers are mistakenly under the impression that submitting videos to YouTube will drive traffic back to their site, or are working with video platform providers whose search engine submission techniques are either ineffective or drive traffic to the platform provider rather than the publisher. SearchSuccess is the first product to ensure search ranking while guaranteeing traffic is directed to the publisher's site."

Fliqz users have seen some early success with the platform. Some of the initial SearchSuccess customers have seen more than two-thirds of all videos submitted produce a first-page Google search result, and up to 25 percent have resulted in a number one Google ranking (according to the official statement). For example, Design World Online, a provider of print and online resources, such as 3D CAD models and industrial videos for OEM machine builders, design engineers and engineering managers, recently submitted 1000 videos using SearchSuccess. As a result, it received nearly 700 first-page Google search results, and more than 200 number one Google rankings.

"One of the most critical parts of our business, aside from generating quality content for our users, is helping engineers find and engage in our community and resources," said Marshall Matheson, vice president of New Media for Design World Online. "Using Fliqz to optimize our videos has directly impacted our bottom line as not only has it resulted in a significant uptick in traffic but increased visitor engagement and conversion rates."