Future Proof Search Engine Optimization Campaigns

The search results pages of popular search engines are changing dramatically into far more dynamic resources. Is your digital presence ready - is it future proofed?

Many of the search engine optimization industry elite today believe both Google and Bing SERPs will look, perform and act far differently in the future - we're looking at you Google Glasses. But will the search results pages of search engines, the primary source of traffic for a vast majority of websites, actually be unlike today's? And will future SEO demand that big brands, small companies and startup enterprises change the tactics they currently use to acquire visitors from those sources?

There's a different way to think of the future. Perhaps what will change most about SEO is how those responsible for its success (defined as gaining more qualified unique visitors from the likes of Google and Bing's unpaid search results) approach the practice on the whole. In the future, top search rankings will be the product of a more proactive and comprehensive plan covering the entire digital experience. This could result in smarter design and broader, yet more relevant awareness initiatives, and even a more profitable experience for the business itself.

So, what should your brand expect? How can your SEO team future proof its efforts? Let's explore what the future may hold and how enterprises can prepare.

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