Generate Leads with SEO Audit Tool

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 04 Feb, 2014

A new tool from SEOGroup is helping digital marketing agencies, SEO and Web design firms generate both leads and sales.


The white-labeled website audit tool, dubbed MySiteAuditor, can be embedded into websites as a way to allow visitors to audit their and their competitors' websites instantly. Companies can leverage the tool by creating an account, customizing the tool with their brands' logos, colors and contact information, and then inserting the snippet of code into their websites. Once the tool is running, companies will receive email notifications with contact information from visitors who have used the tool.



In order to use the tool, site visitors are simply required to enter their name, email and phone number to audit a website. The audits are ready in about 45 seconds, can be downloaded or printed, and include more than 50 SEO checks based on Google's search algorithm. The tool is free for site visitors to use, but because it captures their basic contact information it provides the company hosting the tool with new leads and sales opportunities. It is important to note that the tool offers a free 10-day trial, with pricing for the professional service (which allows companies to embed the tool on their website) coming in at $49 a month.'