Go Green to Become a Marketing Guru

Derek Schou
by Derek Schou 23 Oct, 2014

In a design their websites with SEO in mind.

To help companies and marketers increase their websites' page rank there are dozens of SEO tools on the market. However, a new entry aims to set itself apart from the others thanks to its expansive list of tools.

Green Lotus, an online marketing company, has announced the release of a new batch of tools called Green Lotus SEO Tools.

The new offering delivers a slew of tools to help marketers improve their search ranking as well as increase their search relevancy. A couple of the most interesting new tools that Green Lotus unveiled, dubbed On-Site SEO Audit Tool and Broken Links Tool, help marketers to identify elements on their website that are broken or missing which leads to a lower page ranking.

Another helpful tool available for marketers to leverage is Green Lotus's Keyword Research Tool. With this tool marketers can receive unlimited keyword suggestions based off search volume and competition level.

"Although designed specifically to help small business and start-ups, Green Lotus Tools can also scale to meet the needs of savvy internet marketers who manage multiple websites on a daily basis and want to save time," said Bassem Ghali, founder and head of client strategy at Green Lotus. "Green Lotus Tools boasts simple yet insightful dashboards, SEO-driven insights and competitive research for the most productive SEO beginner and marketing guru alike."