Google Expands Authorship Program, Releases Embedded Posts

Two new features have been released for Google+ that will support those that are creating and sharing content online, as well as boost the activity on the laggard social network. Google announced that is has begun integrating Google+ Sign-In with its authorship program, and is now releasing an embedded posts functionality (similar to what has already been available on Twitter and Facebook).

When content publishers sign into either the or Typepad platform with their Google credentials today, the articles they publish will now automatically be associated with their Google+ profile. Google also indicated that they were working with a variety of other sites including and Wikihow in the hope they could expand the pilot to different kinds of sites and applications using Google+ Sign-In at some point in the future.

Google also introduced embedded posts for Google+. Users of the network will now see a drop-down menu at the top of each G+ post offering the option to embed. Text, photo and media (video) posts are supported and the embedded posts provide Google+ functions, so visitors to a website can +1, follow and comment easily.