Google Local Search Lets Local Biz Users Schedule Direct

In a step that may ultimately lead to the irrelevance of websites entirely, Google is now enabling consumers to schedule reservations directly from Google Maps and Google Search. 

Consumers using the search engine are now able to  book appointments and reservations at spas and salons within the U.S. When consumer on Google Maps and using Google Search identify a business they would like to book an appointment at, they simply select the "book" button in order to arrange the reservation. Consumers can also visit the  Reserve with Google site to browse recommendations for businesses.

This feature is made possible through partnerships with the top scheduling providers businesses might already use, including Genbook, SalonRunner, Rosy, Yocale and WellnessLiving. Many other platforms are reportedly in the que to be added, including Booksy, Envision, MyTime, Schedulicity, Setmore, Shore, SimpleSpa, SuperSalon and TimeTrade.   

Is Google's offer of such a capability a death knell for website-based reservation systems? Beauty_Booking_02_blog