Google Posts Change & Challenge Local Search Landscape

Consumers still rely on search engines to locate the information they need or want - whether it's very specific content on some obscure topic or simply to find out what's on the menu this week at their favorite local restaurant. 

Most small businesses have neither the time nor the inclination to routinely, consistently publish information on their digital channels. That could most certainly change however as Google My Business (GMB) is formally introducing its Posts offering. 

The feature, which was initially introduced in beta in early-mid 2016 on a limited basis, makes it possible for business owners to share content that will encourage customers (either new or existing) to take advantage of specific offers or events, showcase top products or highlight new arrivals.

Available within the GMB dashboard now, interested business owners/marketers can write text (up to 300 words), upload an image, add an event title (along with start and end dates and times), and even include a call-to-action button such as "Learn more," "Reserve," "Sign up," "Buy" or "Get offer." 

GMB Posts could prove to be a rather immersive experience for consumers as businesses are able to publish multiple posts in somewhat of an 'update stream' and direct those consumers to take specific actions - from registering for events to actually purchasing items. 

The feature will likely be very well received by those using the GMB, and could forever change the local search landscape; not to mention challenge other platforms (including Facebook) who have shown a great deal of interest in becoming a greater force in helping small business owners (particularly of the local variety) engage their audience and drive more businesses through their doors. 

Google Posts and Local Search