Google Releases New Extension for AdWords

Derek Schou
by Derek Schou 29 Jul, 2014

Sitelinks have long been a part of Google AdWords repertoire.

Marketers and brands alike use sitelinks to help direct users to the most relevant pages possible on their website. Now, the Internet giant has released a new version of their proven extension called dynamic sitelinks.

The new extension works by analyzing recent search requests from users and determining what page in an advertiser's website would be most relevant. Unlike their predecessor, dynamic sitelinks are randomly generated, meaning that marketers and brands cannot control when they show up in their paid search results nor can they control where in their website they link to. 

However on a more postive note, while marketers and brands will still be charged for clicks on their ad headline as well as their selected ad extensions, clicks on dynamic sitelinks are free. Google does state that they expect impression rates for dynamic sitelinks to be low and that they should not be a replacement for standard sitelinks.

Dynamic sitelinks are eligible to appear on most ads that have their campaign type set to "Search Network with Display Select" or "Search Network only." Marketers and brands also have the option to disable dynamic sitelinks in the event they do not want them.

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