Google's New Caffeine Index Goes Live

Google today made the formal announcement that its new Web indexing system called Caffeine is now complete. 


What can you expect from Caffeine's injection directly in the SERPs? Fresher results says Google. In fact, 50 percent fresher for Web searches than its last index (and from the largest collection of Web content it has offered to date). 


This puts your content development and social media marketing efforts on center-stage. 


The reason for Google's introduction of a more caffeinated search is simple - content on the Web has evolved. The introduction and importance today of video, image, audio, real-time updates and reviews makes the Web a far more complex environment and one that Web users have grown accustom. 


Instead of refreshing its index every few weeks, Caffeined enables Google to analyze the web in small portions and update its search index on a continuous basis and on an enormous scale. Google shared an excellent statistic about just how much information is being shared - Caffeine processes hundreds of thousands of pages in paralell which, if it were a pile of paper, would grow three miles taller every second.