Hadoop and HBase for Infolinks

Here's one news items that both the developer community and Internet marketers might find interesting. Online in-text advertising service Infolinks has implemented Hadoop and HBase to their system. I know, exciting right? Actually, strangely, it is.

By implementing these technologies, Infolinks will be able to provide much more finely-tuned statistics - which the company hopes will improve the publisher payouts and advertiser exposure. "The integration of Hadoop and HBase enhances our analytical capabilities for the large amount of data at our disposal, which in turn raises the precision of our keywords," shared Moshe Moses, Infolinks CTO and VP of R&D.

Hadoop provides a framework for large scale parallel processing using a distributed file system and the map-reduce programming paradigm. The Apache Hadoop project develops open-source software for scalable, distributed computing. Hadoop includes such subprojects as Map Reduce and HBase - a scalable, distributed database that supports structured data storage for large tables.

Infolinks and similar in-text advertising services have been for the most part on the fringe of available promotional and monetization considerations. Using technologies currently in play by companies like Facebook, Twitter and Amazon is certainly a way to return to the view of Web professionals (or it should be).