iCyte and Simplifying Digital Research

As a Web professional you consume vast quantities of information. Being able to search, save, compare and collaborate on the information relevant to specific projects can be frustrating, if not completely overwhelming. So how do you keep up and make sure you don't lose track of that one link or article that you need? Services like iCyte provide a powerful and meaningful way to ease the overload, making information management a much simpler task in the digital age.

How iCyte works: If there is a Web page that you want to save, click the iCyte button in your browser (works with Firefox and IE7) and you'll be able to store a snapshot of an entire page on iCyte servers. iCyte users are also able to save portions of a page by highlighting the text and clicking the iCyte icon. Information that you add to iCyte can be tagged, grouped, organized and even be shared by email or downloaded to Word or Excel.

What might make the service (which is free by the way) better is the ability to share the inforamtion users add to iCyte through an RSS feed. That for example would enable me to share specific RSS feeds for projects I am working on with others on the team.

While iCyte might not transform how you interact with information on the Web, it could prove to be a useful tool in your digital research toolbox.