Identifying Overlooked SEO Prospects on Your Website

By Alec Stevens, Strategic SEO Training Institutes


Your website is instrumental in building your online reputation.


You have been working hard to make it appear professional and represent who you actually are. Though you have been extra vigilant to make every page SEO friendly and tried your best to achieve a good SEO ranking, you may have unknowingly missed out on a few SEO opportunities like those listed below:


Necessity of Internal Link Structure

An internal link is known to connect directly with another page having same domain name. Good SEO must have a robust internal link structure. Priority should definitely be given to linking your site's strongest pages than the pages you think are most important. Experts believe that an effective internal link structure should be able to narrate a story. If all anchor texts are downloaded from your website, they should be able to describe who you actually are and exactly what you do. Most admins do not focus on analyzing their internal anchors.


Organized & Systematized Root File Directory

Remember that a cluttered and unstructured root directory would end up with indexing issues and crawl problems. By cleaning and organizing your root directory, you enhance the chances of your best content being noticed by Google. The presence of old and temporary files would dilute the chance of Google discovering your best content. Get rid of temporary, old or irrelevant content from your root directory for effective results.


Baiting Google to Your Index pages

Your website may have been indexed by Google. However, that does not guarantee that your website's each and every page has actually been indexed or is getting appropriate attention. If you have important pages, you may better use some bait to attract the attention of Google so that it discovers them. Using Fetch as Google helps to take Google directly to the most significant pages in your website. Adding URLs that have actually been indexed already for refreshing them in Google also, helps. You could effectively bait Google by using Bing Web Master tools. 



Do Away with Duplicate Content

Some websites face issues with duplicated titles, descriptions or body content. Google solves these issues simply by restructuring SERPs, awarding original content with higher position. Google is well equipped to identify meta data when necessary and to ignore short or missing descriptions or titles. You must provide high-quality, unique or original content for your visitors in order to get priority in SERPs.


Faster Site Loading Speed

Speed is vital for Google as Internet users are actually used to getting instantaneous or fast answers (sometimes without leaving the actual search engine result pages). The user experience (UX) really counts and is a vital factor when Google decides whether to include a page in the SERPs. User experience is directly affected by page loading speed. You must test your website's load speed. You could think of using Google's PageSpeed Insights tool. Submitting your URL here actually helps to get you the results.



The average page load speed comprises mainly of two important components (a) browser time (b) network and server time. For ensuring a higher UX, make sure that your pages really load faster. Always remember that there is scope for improvement.


Be Completely Transparent with Search Engines

The Google algorithm has become highly sophisticated and advanced while analyzing Web pages. Ranking a page involves hundreds of factors. UX is regarded as one of the most reliable metrics. Now it is really important for Google to have access to function, template as well as design files. It is necessary to have 100 percent transparency with Google's search engines. Stay away from the idea of blocking Google from your website's vital files. Google is then convinced that the website is not involved in any kind of spam activity.


Author Bio: Alec Stevens is an SEO expert attached to various Strategic SEO Training Institutes as visiting faculty. He has helped generate a number of SEO geniuses thanks to his competence, expertise and guidance. He is an avid blogger.