In-App Advertising Research

The mobile app ecosystem has been all but closed to those seeking out information on what and where their competitors were advertising. 

That changed last week the release of an in-app ad tracking solution from WhatRunsWhere

The platform's in-app capability now provides advertisers the ability to collect data from more than 20,000 Android apps, data which provides intelligence about where competitors ads are running, which ads are running there, who is selling those ads and other information that could proves useful in managing mobile ad campaigns. 

"This is a significant development, not only for WhatRunsWhere, but the entire Android app market," said Max Teitelbaum, co-founder and COO of WhatRunsWhere. "Until now, apps have been an informational black hole for marketers seeking to implement effective campaigns. Advertisers and agencies were buying ads blind, with no real performance history data showing what types of ads had worked in what apps. Now, with the introduction of WhatRunsWhere's in-app tool, advertisers can develop intelligent strategies for deploying their mobile ad dollars, leading to a greater return on investment."

"The universe of Android-based devices continues to grow at an astounding rate," Teitelbaum added. "The ability to effectively reach audiences across Android phones, tablets and other devices represents an enormous opportunity for advertisers."