In Link Building, There's No Substitute for Hard Work

Buying links can be an effective supplemental strategy in a link-building campaign if it is done cautiously and sparingly. In fact, no method of building links should dominate the overall effort, as the best way to appease the search engines is with a portfolio of high-quality links obtained through as many different means as possible.

Below are just some of the proven methods of building links, and where to find more information on each one of them at All of these strategies require long hours of hard work, but they also come free of the financial cost and professional risk of link buying:


Press Releases/News Outlets


Sending out press releases to news organizations and PR sites is a great way to attract visitors to your site and to build new links. There are numerous free sites online to help facilitate the process, but it's also not a bad idea to get acquainted with your own local media resources. Find out more about writing and distributing press releases at




Blogs are another great way to get the relevant links you need, especially since you control the direction of the content on your own blog. Featuring compelling guest bloggers is also a very effective way of expanding your audience and gaining highquality links. Read the comments about the value of blog content for building new links at


Community Forums


Posting on forums and discussion boards is well worth the effort it takes to find the communities that are going to be most interested in your products and services. For some helpful tools and resources for building links through forums, go to


Nonprofit Organizations


Nonprofit and charity organizations are excellent vehicles for building inroads into your local community and beyond, often leading to increased traffic and possibly valuable links for your website. One way to initiate a relationship is by offering your services for free or by making a donation, both great ways to build your business' reputation. For other ideas, visit


Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking takes a lot of time, but there may not be a better way to gain favor with the search engines today than through building great links across the many social media channels. To find out more, read the section on generating links at