Kenshoo Desktop Editor for Paid Search Campaigns

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 21 Jun, 2011

A new application from Kenshoo is designed to bring advanced search marketing campaign management functionality to the desktop while simplifying some of the more time-consuming campaign management tasks.


Kenshoo Editor enables paid search updates across multiple accounts and channels through an intuitive graphical interface, customizable views and drag-and-drop functionality. Search marketers will have the ability to make ad copy, landing page and bid changes across hundreds of thousands of keywords in a matter of minutes, says Kenshoo.


While in beta, customers using Kenshoo Editor reported 3 to 10 times the time savings on core search marketing optimization tasks such as creating new campaigns, restructuring current campaigns and making bulk creative updates across campaigns.


"The Kenshoo Editor is a game-changer," says Sachin Gadhvi, Director of Search Engine Marketing and Mobile at TicketsNow, a leading resale marketplace owned by Ticketmaster. "As one of the nation's biggest ticket sellers, our inventory is incredibly vast and dynamic. We live on the long tail, and the Kenshoo Editor gives us a way to manage all our keywords across channels simply and effectively."