Keyword Research with Google Autocomplete Data

Last week Google shut off access to its Autocomplete API and many in the search engine optimization community feared that it might negatively impact the efficacy of keyword suggestion tools.


That will likely be the case for many keyword research solution providers, but not

The software provider and the maker of SEO PowerSuite, a popular solution for search engine optimization, announced the release of its Rank Tracker (7.4) rank checking software and indicated it is keeping the Google Autocomplete even after the API shutdown and introducing a range of upgrades and improvements for keyword research.


In addition to preserving Google Autocomplete in the list of available keyword research methods in Rank Tracker, there are now three new keyword research techniques including keywords users already rank for (Google Webmaster Tools), keywords that bring organic and paid traffic (Google Analytics), and keywords relevant to landing pages (Google AdWords). Link-Assistant is also introducing the ability to tag and filter keywords in its Suggest Keywords wizard and receive AdWords ad clicks data for every keyword.