Link Building for Publishers, Merchants and Service Providers

Link building remains the very best way to get to the top of the search return list and stay there in the future. But acquiring links is no easy task - it never has been and it likely never will be (particularly if the search engines have anything at all to say about it - we're looking at you Google).


Building inbound links however doesn't need to be a overly-challenging process. It takes time and some creativity (not to mention occasionally some hard work). When you look at link building from a fresh perspective, answers on the best way to build links start to emerge.

There are three different types of Web Workers - the information publisher, the service provider, and the merchant. The manner in which links are pursued varies greatly. Below you'll find some (brief) guidance on where you, depending on the type of Web worker you are, might want to spend your time for maximum link building potency.


Online Publishers


Without question, online publishers (from the mainstream media to small-time bloggers) may just have it the hardest when it comes to building links. Not only do they need a seemingly endless supply of creativity, but motivation to match.


Social Media presents the best opportunity as it not only allows publishers to see who is interacting/engaging with their website and more importantly who has a website that can (and would be willing to) link to yours. Start an outreach program, taking great care to give as much as you get,


Service Providers


This classification of Web worker also has some distinct challenges when it comes to acquiring the links they need to top the search results pages. Fortunately, with some quality "Thought Leadership" initiatives you might just earn the positions you deserve even quicker.


By sharing expertise with others (whether through blogging on your own site, pursuing traditional media coverage, and of course sharing your insights and experience on other websites - in exchange for a link of course - is truly the fast track to achieving high positions on Google and Bing for a variety of search terms. 


Internet Retailers


More than online publishers and service providers combined, the complexities of link building for ecommerce merchants (Internet retailers) is undoubtedly the most challenging. With paid links out as a possibility, how can online merchants build links? Look no further than product reviews.


Reach out to the media or a few influential bloggers within your niche and just ask if they'd be willing to review your product. There's an actual outlay in terms of having to pay for the product, but if you believe in its quality, so will those with the power of granting your website a link. 


Interested in Link Building?


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