Local SEO Tactics for 315 U.S. Businesses [A Study]

Brands that focus on local SEO efforts on Google this holiday season can significantly improve visibility on priority keywords, according to Jon Schepke, CEO and founder of SIM Partners, which recently released a report on the topic. And, the good news is, it's not too late. 


SIM Partners unveiled findings from a local SEO study of 315 U.S. businesses, which analyzed the impact of efforts to optimize local listings. SIM Partners examined more than 4,000 keyword/city combinations, representing the local SEO campaigns of 315 U.S. businesses.


According to a company statement, prior to optimization, these 315 businesses ranked in one of the top seven positions for only 26 percent of their target keyword/city combinations and in the top two positions for only eight percent. After optimization, the businesses increased the number of keyword/city combinations for which they ranked in one of the top seven positions by 179 percent and in one of the top two positions by 399 percent. The businesses ranked in the third through fifth positions 97 percent more often. Targeted combinations for which the businesses did not appear in the top seven positions decreased by 62 percent (from 74 percent of all targeted combinations to just 28 percent).


Download the full report, including the optimization tactics used for increasing visibility for these businesses.