Mobile SEO Guide

Just how important is "mobile" to the success of your enterprise? In a word, very. And if you're not focused on it, a great deal of your future business could be lost.


Consumers are using their mobile devices with greater regularity and when it comes to Web search on those devices, their focus is almost entirely local (well over half of mobile searches today have local intent).This has not gone unnoticed by the search engines who are regularly releasing updates to cater to this local-focused mobile user.


Google, for example, recently replaced their seven-pack local search results box in its Web search results with a three-pack of listings. That might be a real reason for concern if not for a new report out from seoClarity that indicates that the local pack is appearing way more often.With the three-pack of local listings available in the past, the results showed in the first position 25 percent of the time. With the new seven-pack, however, it now shows up 93 percent of the time - a nearly four-time increase in possible impressions.


As a result, local SEO has never been more important; particularly as Google (which still dominates the search space) continues moving toward localizing the results it provides for keywords that have an expressed or implied local intent. A variety of developments over the past year (from small changes to its Map products, to the Pigeon update and, of course, the much-discussed Mobilegeddon) seem to provide confirmation.


What this means is that when brands think about optimizing their Web presence for the mobile age, they must develop experiences for non-desktop devices that cater to users local intent. So on what should SEOs responsible for helping enterprises maximize their local digital presence focus their attention? Check out this useful infographic on some key consideration for mobile SEO.