New and Improved Digg Search

One of's biggest shortcomings has always been the search feature. It returned results that were not always relevant or timely. So, by popular demand, Digg has completely revamped their search results.

Enter a term and you will find more relevant results than ever before, along with a few nice perks. You can sort results by most votes, newest or best match. The left sidebar has some interesting features worth exploring as well. There, you can filter by timeline (last day, last 7 days or last 30 days), by topic, total number of diggs or media type. There is also an option to filter results by source and you can subscribe to search results via RSS. Other advanced search functions include:

    * Add +b to include buried stories
    * Add +p show only promoted stories
    * Add +np show only not promoted stories
    * Add +u show only upcoming stories
    * Put terms in "quotes" for an exact search
    * Add -term to exclude a term from your query (e.g. apple -iphone)

If nothing else, Digg has always been a good barometer of popular news, particularly among bloggers and the social networking sect. Now, with a far better search function, it serves as a good place to keep tabs on what's buzzing on the Web, as well as find some good viral content ideas.

Below is a sample of the new search interface.