New Tool Cuts Through the Tedium of Link Building

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 26 Aug, 2010

We have written countless articles about the relationship between quality, relevant links and any measure of Web success, always being sure to include the fact that the best portfolios are built through difficult and often tedious work. The challenge that most business owners face, particularly those of small and medium-sized companies, is finding the time to devote to a winning link-building campaign.

A new tool from Eightfold Logic has been receiving praise from users for its ability to address this problem since it launched in June. Linker is the only link-building tool that has a fully opt-in marketplace where website owners can specify their needs and be paired up with suitable matches. It works something like a dating site for link building, in which the service connects potential partners based on the secure information they provide to Linker. Once contact has been authorized by both parties, the site owners can disclose their own information at their discretion.


Linker offers a less taxing alternative than scouring the Web for days or even weeks to find and obtain a single quality link, and a safer option than paid links and link farms. Eightfold is offering a free trial through the end of September, and pricing after that is determined by the number of matches you accept through the service.