Performance-Based SEO, Again

SEO is not a one-time effort - but a process that requires the consistent development of content, and an equal dedication to having others notice your efforts and recognize them.

It's easy to see why many consider SEOs to be nothing more than snake-oil salesmen. As I've mentioned in other posts on performance-based SEO, the challenge to selecting a vendor in the performance model space is recognizing that you are more than just a client - you become a partner.

Arizona SEO firm PageViews Interactive introduced a new 'Performance Based SEO' program last week, which offers companies an opportunity to secure top listings on search results page, and not pay until they have been able to be in the top position for at least two weeks.

Performance-based SEO opportunities arise periodically, and it's important to address the issue as it emerges. There are as many problems with the model as there are advantages, both for the SEO and for the client. It takes a lot of time to optimize a site properly and should the SEO fall short (or even fail), time and resources are wasted. PageViews Interactive has a built it cushion. "Not every site qualifies," explained Terry Mickelson, founder of Page Views, Arizona SEO. "There are some words and categories that are too competitive and others that don't have enough volume to justify the long-term commitment and efforts we have to invest in a customers business without getting paid."

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