Personalize User Experiences with Guided Search

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 22 May, 2012

iGoDigital has launched a new tool that aims to improve upon traditional ecommerce search boxes.

The iGoDigital Guided Search is a search interface that delivers personalized results from a retailer's website search box by directing customers to the most relevant product pages with fewer clicks. The new tool focuses on three successful search objectives - relevancy, speed and interactivity.

Guided Search offers shoppers search results that are not only based on search terms, but also on their individual purchase behavior and preferences. The results are delivered in a "quick view" window from the search box, which includes filters that enable shoppers to further customize their search experience.

"Search plays one of the most significant roles in the path of the online retail sale, yet today's process requires several clicks, forms transmissions and page loads - all of which consume too much time and ultimately hinder a retailer's ability to capture and maintain the customer's interest," says iGoDigital president, Eric Tobias. "iGoDigital Guided Search reduces the number of clicks and page loads required to refine your shoppers' searches and equips consumers with relevant search results based on what a retailer has learned about their preferences. Guided Search can not only speed up the checkout process and improve sales conversion rates, but also demonstrates retailers' deep understanding of their customers' preferences, increasing loyalty."

iGoDigital's Guided Search is a valuable tool for merchants who want to personalize their site's user experience and deliver search results efficiently. This tool can be used as a site's primary search function or together with enterprise search platforms.