Popular SEO Software Solutions of 2015

Search engine optimization is a complex practice that includes every discipline within an enterprise - design and development, marketing, analytics and others - causing many professionals to seek a software solution that plays well with all departments and moves a brand's website up the search engine rankings.

In order to provide the most real-world insights into the popular SEO software solutions out there today, Website Magazine enlisted the help of SEO pros to dish on their favorite tool for getting the digital job done. 

Conductor Searchlight

As a digital agency, we are managing multiple enterprise level SEO campaigns and Conductor makes it easy and efficient to monitor and optimize for thousands of keywords. It provides integration with analytics platforms such as Google Analytics, which allows us to dig deep into specific pages on a website and identify issues that need to be fixed and new keyword opportunities to target.

"Scott Litvack, SEO Manager at Prime Visibility


The tool is very comprehensive and extremely accurate. The all-in-one solution covers pretty much everything a C-suite SEO professional needs - backlinks, referring domains, direct and broad competitors. Recently they added positions and keywords explorer that can seamlessly provide information about the strength of your keywords and brand compared to the competition and when you tie this new information with their social media reach tool you can have a clear picture of your SEO and content marketing efforts. Definitely worth the subscription.

"Martin Milanov, Digital Marketing Lead at Fair-Point


AffiloTools is a fantastic research tool for monitoring and improving your SEO. It tracks your search engine rankings and those of your competitors', so you can gauge your performance and standings within the industry. Learn which backlinks your competitors benefit from most, and don't let any sudden shifts in your competitors' SEO strategy surprise you.

You can improve your SEO with the Link Finder tool for identifying high-quality sites within your niche with the best potential for building beneficial backlinks. AffiloTools also provides real traffic data so you can see which keywords are performing the best, as well as identify keywords to improve or replace. It even alerts you to technical issues that may be slowing your website's speed or injuring your rankings.

"Serge Baluyot, Web Designer at Doubledot Media


I consider Moz's integrated marketing software as the best Internet marketing tool because of its data mining applications for SEO. A large portion of the SEO work I do comprises of influencer outreach (finding and building relationships with relevant quality backlinks), using Moz's Fresh Web Explorer and Opensite Explorer has helped me to identify and track link equity, brand mentions, and competitor link metrics.

Moz also allows you to do many of the features that Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics offers but all in one place, such as review crawl errors and see what pages are being found by users.

"Mike Shaw, SEO Specialist at Tower Marketing


My favorite SEO tool suite is Moz because it is pretty much all inclusive and contains most of the analytic tools needed to manage an SEO campaign.

"Anthony Kirlew, Founder & Chief Strategist at AKA Internet Marketing Did our digital experts miss your favorite SEO software solution? Let us know in the comments below!