7Search PPC Network Gets Upgrades

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising network 7Search.com announced the release of three pretty important enhancements to its platform.

PPC advertisers using the service now have conversion tracking capabilities (helpful to measure the accuracy of third-party analytics systems), geo-targeting (only on the country-level however) and Click-Free, a direct navigation advertising offering. 7Search is the first major PPC advertising search engine to offer direct navigation traffic.

"Online advertisers require programs and solutions that provide them with alternative sources of traffic, tools to ensure the highest possible return on their advertising spend and the highest level of traffic quality and customer support," says 7Search.com's Director of Internet Operations Gemma Piscotti. "These platform enhancements have been well received by our existing advertisers during their beta testing and will position 7Search to become more competitive in the pay-per-click advertising industry."

It looks like 7Search got a site redesign recently as well.

7Search Screenshot