Quick List of Local Search Tips

Most enterprises are of the local or regional variety and the channel is as important to their marketing success as those of national and international businesses. Discover how today's brands are positioning their websites in front of local consumers with this quick list of local search tips, and dive deeper into a broader local search optimization strategy.

Audit Competitors & Competitive Landscape

Knowing what you are up against is the first step to achieving any digital goal. Understand who the competitors are, how many you'll be working against, and what tactics they are using to drive awareness and new business.

Develop Content That Serves Local Audience

Content is as important to national and international brands as it is to those serving a local audience. Develop content (from articles to infographics) on topics of interest to your local target audience at regular intervals and prepare it for distribution among key audiences.

Build Community in Online Neighborhoods

It's not enough just to develop content, you've got to get it out on the Web for it to be seen - there's no other way to attract an audience and the links/citations websites need to secure a competitive position on the search results.

Optimize Local Elements On Site

On the Web, it can be the little things that matter most. Ensuring that essential "local" elements are included on a website (such as the business name, address, and phone, also known as the NAP data) matters great to local search success.

Analyze Performance, Adjust Strategy

Enterprises doing any online marketing whatsoever should have analytics solution in place and the ability to accurately measure the performance of various tactics. Doing so is the only way to ultimately adjust strategy to focus on those efforts most meaningful to the enterprise.