Quick Roundup of Top SEO Tools

Webmasters are continuously looking for new and different ways to improve their websites.

Through the many techniques associated with search engine optimization (SEO) webmasters can improve how their websites rank on search engines like Google and Bing as well as understand how they performing, yet, perhaps more importantly, why they are performing like they are.

Below is a list of 12 SEO tools to help webmasters improve their online presence.



A staple in many SEO experts repertoire, SEMrush is comprehensive tool webmasters can leverage to analyze their traffic and where it's coming from, how much their Web traffic is costing them as well as analyze their keywords and backlinks.


Gone are the days when social media and SEO were mutually exclusive. In today's social centric world the burgeoning channel plays a heavy part in a webmasters overall success. With webmasters leveraging multiple platforms at once it can be hard for them to efficiently manage and monitor each account. Hootsuite enables them to manage multiple accounts from one interface and delivers key analytics on each profiles performance.


Keywords are the lifeblood for any website that is hoping to have their content displayed on SERPs. Keywordtool.io is a free tool that allows webmasters to discover a slew of similar and recommended keywords to help them improve their SERP relevancy.

Google Webmaster Tools

From all powerful Google, Webmaster Tools is one of the most useful tools that an SEO expert can leverage with its vast array of features that allow webmasters to eradicate errors that Google has detected as well as understand their search traffic and visualize how their site appears in SERPs.


Backlinks are important to a website for a variety of different reasons like being a source of incoming traffic as well as being a factor in organic search rankings. Majestic allows webmasters to understand how their website is linked with others across the Web and find out where they are receiving incoming traffic from.

Traffic Travis

Through analyzing a variety of different website elements, Traffic Travis is a comprehensive SEO tool that delivers information on technical mistakes (i.e. incorrect HTML markup) as well as search engine rankings and competitor keyword usage.

Screaming Fog

As unique as its name, Screaming Fog enables webmasters to locally crawl a website like a search engine bot and discover page elements from a search engines perspective.

Keyword Spy

One of the best ways for webmasters to improve their SEO is through scouting the competition and seeing what is making them successful. Keyword Spy allows webmasters to dive deep into their competitions keyword performance with detailed reports.


Fine tuning a website for SEO perfection is a long and complicated process that necessitates the involvement of many tools. Moz delivers an expansive array of tools to webmasters looking to improve their SEO including data on keyword rankings, organic traffic numbers and social media activity.


Google's search results provide little space for webmasters to inform the viewer as to the content of the page so they must carefully plan what they are going to say. SEOmofo allows webmasters to test their titles, content descriptions and URL names in order to see how they will fit in Google SERPs and change in whatever way necessary.


While not very aesthetically pleasing, ScrapeBox delivers a rash of useful features to webmasters including the ability to "Harvest" (collect) URL's that contain keywords similar to those they are looking for.


With a simple interface, Ubersuggest allows webmasters to discover an expansive list of similar keywords from a variety of sources including the Web, images and video.