RAMP Caption Enhancements Improve Video Optimization for Search

Content Optimization platform RAMP, which specializes in catering to online media publishers with its patented MediaCloud technology, has enhanced its end-to-end Web Closed Captioning platform.

This platform gives RAMP users a comprehensive solution for deploying closed captions across videos on the Web, including full-length clips and programs. RAMP's research has shown that including captions, tags and video search in videos deployed for marketing purposes increases consumption by up to 300 percent.

The enhancements of Web Closed Captioning have been made to comply with the recently signed 21st Century Video Accessibility Act, which requires all Web videos to include closed captions.

Changes to the platform include:

- It now captures caption information from linear broadcasts and then timestamps it and transforms it into widely used Web caption standards (like SubRip, DFXP or SMIL). This helps programs that may have caption files, but not enough workflow to publish them online.

- Clips cut from full-length programs and, as a result, lack the associated caption files can now be fixed, as the solution's automated text alignment technology can match the video clip to the correct caption segment, transform the caption output and attach it to the clip.

- Using RAMP's human transcription service, the solution creates accurate, time coded transcripts in popular formats for Web video inclusion for programs that lack caption files.

These new enhancements will help improve the searchability, and thus consumption, of videos published online, as well as satisfying the needs of companies that need to comply with the 21st Century Video Accessibility Act.