Revenue Maximization for Natural Search

Technology solution provider is taking a unique approach, focusing on revenue instead of traffic alone as it relates to success with search engine optimization.

Revvim's patent pending technology not only shows users how to improve their natural search results, but exactly what they need to do to increase SEO revenue. By leveraging detailed analysis frommajor search engines, the website and third-party data including Google Analtics, Revvim is able to provide a list of actionable tasks for key page elements.

"Our goal at Revvim is to empower website marketers and small business executives to rapidly improve their SEO efforts to deliver provable ROI (return on investment)," stated Matthew LeBaron, CEO and founder of Revvim.

Revvim delivers a complete view across the website including URLs, title tags, h1 tags, meta tags, link anchor text and link title attributes, and shows what should be done to improve page ranking, grow traffic and increase SEO revenue. The platform identifies which keywords are converting best for revenue, and from there determines which pages to optimize for those keywords and exactly what to do to optimize those pages.

"Consider the changing SEO landscape: each year Google has made 500-600 changes to the search algorithm; in 2011 Google's Panda update hit ecommerce sites particularly hard; of the 375 million daily searches, 20% are completely unique each day; and now, websites must update their content regularly to meet Google's requirements for fresh content known as QDF (Query Deserves Freshness). It's not surprising that SEOs are struggling to keep their site optimized for traffic let alone fine tuned for revenue," added LeBaron.