Search and Shop for Charity

We would all like to contribute to our favorite charities. But we're all also busy people and expendable income is harder to find these days. But you can donate and it won't cost you a dime, and there's really no extra effort involved.

It's time to take a fresh look at GoodSearch - a search engine founded in 2005 that donates at least 50 percent of it's advertising revenue to your specified charity. In essence, every time you search, your selected charity gets a donation - about $.01 per search, according to the site. Select your charity (there are hundreds to choose from at the bottom of the home page) or enter your own, click "verify" and start searching. As long as you have cookies enabled, the site will save your charity when you return for another search, or you can choose a different charity each time. Results come from Yahoo, so you can be sure they will be relevant. The chart below shows and example of the possibilities of using GoodSearch.

Released in 2007, you can also shop for charity with GoodShop. As you might imaging, a percentage of every purchase is donated to your selected charity. And the list of participating etailers is impressive - eBay,, iTunes, Expedia, Best Buy, and many more. Percentages donated average 3 percent but can reach up to 20 percent. Click on the retailer's donation percentage at the GoodShop website to learn about qualifying purchases - some retailers will not pay out on gift cards, for example.