Search Merchandising Engine Powers Ecommerce Retailers

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 21 Apr, 2010

OrderDynamics, the leading on-demand ecommerce software provider in Canada, has upgraded its technology to include a search merchandising engine that gives retailers control of how site search results are calculated and merchandised to shoppers. The new platform allows ecommerce professionals to merchandise within search results, reuse previous search terms, append targeted results to natural listing and override zero result searches with dynamic recommendations.

The new search merchandising engine also enables retailers to expose their products to many of the Internet's most popular shopping marketplaces through automated integration with sites such as Google Base,, ShopZilla, Yahoo!, NexTag,, BizRate, and Amazon. The new software also provides a comprehensive set of ecommerce metric reports along with innovative tools such as multiple vanity URLs and search engine directive controls that simplify multivariant testing.