Search Queries Update in GWT

Google has made a noteworthy improvement to the "Search queries" and "Links to your site" features available in Webmaster tools. Once the domain of hard core SEO's alone, anyone responsible for improving search marketing campaigns will be able to benefit from the new features and will need to get familiar as the data is more actionable than what you might find in your analytics account.

Users of GWT are now able to see search queries data for their site's individual pages. Now when users visit the search queries feature a new tab titled "Top Pages" is available. The tab lists impression, click and position data for the top pages on a site based on those pages performance in the Google index. Selecting one of the individual pages will reveal a list of the queries driving traffic to the page along with impressions and clicks for each.

For the visual learners, Google has even added pie charts to show the proportions of search type, location and traffic. This enhancement makes filtering, dare I say, fun. Another handy addition is the ability filter top queries report based on whether they contain or do not contain individual keywords.

The information now available courtesy of these features is far deeper (and meaningful) than what is available in Google Analytics - even for those using very refined filters and goals in place. The reason is that GWT is essentially including numbers from total searches and what each page gets for them. There are even filters for traffic by location - quite helpful if you plan on buying advertising or are focusing in on some geo-SEO.

Those responsible for link building to their websites will also find that GWT is showing "intermediate links" - a link to your site that links to one URL which then redirects to another. Google has also made available the ability to download all the links pointing to your site which can be reviewed at any time outside of GWT.