SEO Analytics from Cotendo

Does website performance influence your SEO rankings? Absolutely and technology vendors are coming to the market's rescue with solutions which can relieve some of the bottleneck issues that can negatively impact SEM campaigns.


CDN and site acceleration services provider Cotendo has released a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Analytics Service which provides analytics and reporting on search engine crawler activity, giving content providers the need to optimize website performance, increasingly important in improving and maintaining competitive rankings on the SERPs. 


Cotendo chief technology officer David Drai said that website crawlers dispatched by search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing scan the entire site, including slower-loading pages which, due to their poor performance, may not get as much traffic as faster-loading pages. "Using our SEO Analytics Service, content providers can identify those less-popular pages and then quickly fix their loading problem. The result: those pages now attract more traffic, and their increased popularity boosts the site's overall SEO ranking," Drai said.


The Cotendo SEO Analytics Service includes aggregated reports of all crawler activity, crawler comparison reports, hits and error reports, object delivery time reports, error code reports, and customisable alerts. 


Said Ronni Zehavi, Cotendo's CEO, "With our SEO Analytics reports, content providers are alerted to any performance problems immediately. They are ensured of always having a site whose performance earns high marks from the website crawlers -- leading to better site coverage and more traffic arriving from the search engines."