More SEO Automation Features at SEO Samba

In advance of the Search Engine Strategies conference in New York next week, SEO Samba, a search engine optimization automation platform (and don't forget CMS), has announced a new version of its solution which integrates a wider array of Google Tools directly within their offering.

"We have now made it possible to use your Google login account to link your existing account with SEO Samba," said Michel Leconte, founder & CEO. "Once logged into SEO Samba, you will notice three new Google colored tabs. Each tab enables you to make use of Google tools, including Google Website Optimizer for testing A/B variant of landing pages and Google Webmaster Tools to access search engine early indexation, ranking and analysis feedback."

These features are unique among CMS vendors and could certainly help further differentiate the company. For those struggling with the effort required to rank competitively, solutions like SEO Samba ease integration, facilitate many SEO best practices and provide a scalable content management system to boot.

The concept of a management platform for SEO will be appealing to many. SEO Samba was initially launched at SES Chicago in December of 2008. I had a demo of the platform at that time, and I came away with the feeling that SEO Samba, despite its savvy core focus on SEO, is poorly marketed. Visit the SEO Samba site and you'd have to be an outright genius to know that it's really just a very SEO friendly content management system.


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