SEO Evolving into Digital Revenue Optimization

A new feature from content marketing platform BrightEdge aims to remove the anxiety caused by recent Google changes that encrypt keyword-level data. 

The new Page Reporting feature allows marketers to transition from keyword-dependent SEO to what BrightEdge is calling a "content-centric" model. Even with keywords removed, BrightEdge believes its solution will give digital marketers the insights they need about the performance of their Web page visits, conversions and revenue that results from organic traffic. 

The actual Page Reporting feature itself provides a set of reports; one, which displays the revenue performance from organic search, and another that allows marketers to understand how their pages are converting against pre-set goals.

It's quite the departure from SEO software solutions prior, which focused more on general visitor volume than meaningful volume like that of a conversion or revenue. The feature should really serve as an alarm to start reprioritizing your own search engine optimization efforts - it's no longer about obtaining visit, it's about obtaining visits that result in the completion of a goal. What you are witnessing, my fellow Internet professions, is the evolution of SEO.

Screenshots via BrightEdge