SEO Extensions & Modules to Know

Webmasters are constantly looking for new ways to improve their website and increase both traffic and revenue.

One of the best ways for webmasters to do so is to improve their Google Chrome browser extensions for webmasters who are looking to improve their sites SEO.

SEO & Website Analysis

With the ability to detect critical SEO elements such as meta keywords, mobile load times, in-page links and more, SEO & Website Analysis from Woorank offers webmasters a highly comprehensive Chrome extension to monitor their website. Webmasters can also leverage the Woorank extension to perform competitor analysis as well as tack important social metrics.

META SEO inspector

Metadata, or structured information that describes other data, is one of the most important aspects of any website. With incorrect metadata your website can be wrongly stored and displayed on irrelevant aggregate sites and SERPs. Through the META SEO inspector, webmasters can see how their websites are seen by search engines and aggregate sites as well as discover what elements their site is missing.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Monitoring your websites SEO is a tireless task that never stops. While the keywords on your site may be popular one second, they can just as quickly fade into obscurity. Through Ahrefs SEO Toolbar webmasters can check domain rank, social metrics and backlinks for any page or domain. Also, to help webmasters quickly understand how their sites are performing the extension allows users to view statistics in an easy to follow line chart.


Appearing in the form of a toolbar, SEOquake enables webmasters to check a variety of parameters that effect SEO like text density and page rank. Webmasters that leverage SEOquake can individually select which parameters they wish to see and update them at any time. Also, to help speed up the process the extension allows webmasters to see the results of the set parameters directly on SERPs.

Fat Rank

When creating or updating a website it's vital that webmasters carefully select what keywords they use. Fat Rank is a simple to use keyword tool that allows users to check the popularity of any keyword. Users can also quickly view previous searches through using the new history feature as well as export their session history.

RDS bar

Containing revealing information from many of the top SEO websites like SEOMoz and SEMRush, RDS bar is a powerful Chrome extension that allows webmasters to discover vital aspects about their website like the number of inbound and outbound links a website has. RDS bar users will also see information detailing how many of their pages have been ranked by Bing and their Google page rank.