SEO Platform Ginzametrics Taps the SEOmoz API

SEO management and analytics solution Ginzametrics announced an API partnership with the SEOmoz Site Intelligence Service.

Access to SEOmoz's API provides Ginzametrics with tools (and metrics on more than 58 billion pages and over 617 billion links) to allow them to analyze entire sites or individual pages, including anchor text and sub-domain pages. Additional available data includes Domain Authority, Page Authority, and link type metrics such as internal/external, juice passing, non-juice-passing, 301, or 302 links.

Ginzametrics is using the SEOmoz API as a supplement to its own intelligence data platform. Links to customer sites are being actively re-crawled in order to develop custom recommendations for link building efforts as well as in-depth reporting and alerts. Enterprise customers are receiving the first access to the SEOmoz-driven data, with all Ginzametrics customers gaining access in the coming weeks.

"By partnering with SEOmoz, we are broadening the site and link intelligence available to our customers, and further establishing our platform as the most complete SEO tool on the market," said Ray Grieselhuber, CEO and Co-Founder of Ginzamarkets, Inc. "Their Site Intelligence Service API gives us a wealth of information including a list of all links to a page, root domain, or subdomain, which gives our clients a more complete picture. This data is seamlessly incorporated into our page-by-page recommendations, allowing customers to make informed and real-time decisions about their SEO efforts."