SEO PR (On a Budget)

Chances are good that you'd send more press releases through wire services like PRWeb, PRLeap or the many others if it didn't cost so darn much. Even on the low end (one press release per month at the lowest distribution level for example) you could end up spending several thousand dollars each year.

That's a real problem for many Web entrepreneurs looking for media attention. While there remains no substitute for developing personal relationships, there is some hope for those that believe in the benefits of SEO PR.

PRBuzz sent out a notice (I am assuming to those that have tried their service) letting recipients know about a new pricing model - unlimited press releases for $299 per year (from a single company).

While PRBuzz certainly doesn't have the name cache that other services do, if they can fulfill their promise of delivering to the number of media contacts and bloggers that they promote, along with securing placement in Yahoo and Google News for example, then it will be one service to watch closely in the future.

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