Site Search With Quintura

Site search provider Quintura announced the release of some interesting new features for its Quintura Site Search solution. The enhancements will provide publishers with improvements to back-end analytics and improve the overall experience for users. The new features include:

  • Search Cloud in Adobe Flash - Quintura's search cloud has been enhanced with Flash technology to create a more dynamic user interaction.
  • Search Cloud Customization - Web publishers can now utilize new layout options and have the ability to pre-populate the search cloud with desired search terms or content.
  • Improved Analytics - Quintura data can now be sorted using a term or date filter, and be displayed graphically.

"These new tools make Quintura Site Search more dynamic and interactive than ever for both site users and online publishers," said Yakov Sadchikov, founder and CEO of Quintura.  "The publishers have a competitive advantage by being given up-to-the-minute analytics and control over their site search capabilities."