So Much for Domain Diversity in Google

The issue of domain diversity in Google's results is taking center stage... again. 


For over a year many search engine optimization professionals have seen (and vocalized their displeasure about) the lack of domain diversity on the search results pages. Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable pointedly asked if Yelp was the Wikipedia of local search - and by the looks of it, that is certainly the case. 


Schwartz cited a Black Hat Forum post from a webmaster who shared an example of this lack of domain diversity and I was able to replicate a similar set of results for a different keyword - see below. After hearing in May of this year (2013) that Google had made some advancements when it came to domain clustering, the fact that users aren't experiencing a more diverse set of search results is certainly dissapointing.


Are you seeing the same type of results for local queries? Share you comment below and let other Website Magazine readers know.