Social Job Search with SimplyHired

Job search engine and recruitment advertising network SimplyHired released some new social job search features thanks to an integration with Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

Most noteworthy of the features is the LinkedIn mashup, which enables job seekers to view business connections instantly in their search results. The feature is an evolution of the Simply Hired "Who Do I Know" tool which allows users to connect to LinkedIn froma job listing to find out if they have a contact within the organization. The altest release however takes that tool to a new level by allowing job seekers to see immediately see whether someone in their network is affiliate with a potential employer.

"Given the competitive employment landscape, it is imperative now more than ever for job seekers to leverage all possible avenues in pursuit of their dream job," said Sachin Shah, director of international, Simply Hired. "With hundreds of applicants vying for any one role, a personal or professional connection within an organisation can give a job seeker the crucial advantage. Our new features show job seekers that there is hope; that their network of connections is more powerful than they believe."